All about style-SAISONS

Sometimes called a farmhouse ale, saison was a dying style until it was embraced by craft brewers and reborn in beers like Saison Dupont.  Originally a Belgium “homebrew.” Brewed on farms in spring, for the workers to drink in summer and fall.   The saison  had to be both durable and refreshing, not easy, in an era without refrigeration. 

In general they are very complex, fruity in aroma and flavor. Earthy, yeasty, with lots of spice and a medium bitterness. The ale yeast contributes to much of the flavor and many saisons contain herbs or spice .With its acidic sourness and a typically dry finish, it adds up to a complex, satisfying beer.

Saisons also, pair well with most foods.  The fruity and spicy can bring out a barbecue, enhance Thai food or transform a simple sausage into an international meal.  The only disclaimer I have  when pairing  saisons, it may overbear a lot of delicate foods.

For a change in style, try a saison, it might change your life!  Cheers





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