Tuesday Tasting (OMG)


OK, I have finally found my new favorite beer in the world. I fell in love with it the moment I poured it in the glass. It was beautiful!! A tender moment a  man can feel when he is all alone with a beer in the kitchen. Oops, too much information.

The beauty started the second I started pouring the beer into my wine glass. The color is this magnificent orange, wow. Then the aromatics came pouring like flames out a window of a burning building. I was trying to get rid of the salivation to in order to put my nose closer to the glass. Then my nosehairs stood up in complete volatile excitement. Don’t pound yet, don’t pound yet, I kept whispering to myself!! Sip sip sip sip, please you will enjoy it longer. Lets get back to the aromatics before I get too far. First thing first is the piney citrus thing going on. As you all know, the ones who’ve actually been reading this, I LOVE. Then the malty sweet background, I almost got disappointed with this until I tasted this…

That is when I lost it!!!!!! That maltyness turned out to be a nice fruity, petrol/medicinal quality that blew me away as with and imperial a touch of alcohol. Gulp, gulp, gulp!!! Slow down…OK, this is an imperial IPA, they’re in the aroma, where are they in the beer? In it all! That is the best part. There is hop flavor from beginning to end. Along with the aromatics; piney, citrus, and even a nice floral flavor coming out. Damn, I’m blessed I say.

Now I read the bottle: OUCH!  13.1% ABV !  It did not feel or taste like it was that high. I was giving it 8.5 -9.5, but not 13.1%. I don’t go off this much on beer, but if you get a chance to buy this…buy a lot.



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