Tuesday Tasting


It’s getting nice and cold out there with snow in the forecast. Let us hope it is true because I am jonesing for some snow. My mom has a foot already, ah to live in the Midwest right now. NOT. But it brings the best out of everybody or makes us put in–that is, nice warming beers into our system.

That brings us to Bourbon County by Goose Island. Yes, they are owned by InBev which owns AB. Yes, the brand that has America written all over it is owned by the Euros. But this is Bourbon County! Just one easy pour from the 12 oz. bottle into the snifter brings out the aromatics of pleasure. Heart races, salivation begins, tastebuds quiver and happiness is now upon.

This beer is nice and thick, pitch black and tasty to boot. The aromatics of bourbon are first to be recognized, then the roastiness of the malts and slight chocolate. The flavors are pretty much the same with a nice velvety creaminess and slight coffee flavors of the roasted malts. 14.9% ABV means sip in front of the fireplace with hopes of having a lot of time. This beer made a chilly afternoon turn into an enlightened life introspective. One day I may even tell you what that means. It will have to in the back of a dark bar though on Friday at midnight. OK, before I crack myself up too much, I am going to bid you an adieu. Come and get yourself a few Bourbon County’s because these will age WELL!!! There is a coffee version too, with a score of 100 points on Beer Advocate.

Happy Holidays through beer,



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