Tuesday Tasting

sn pale

YES, believe it or not I am making a post. Making a post I am sure many of you have slurped down your throats before. I went to Winthrop to do some recreating over the weekend and wanted to drink something that would not intoxicate me, but be satisfying. At my age it is a fine line between mountain biking and drinking beer or just lying in my sleeping bag all day waiting for the coyotes to get me.

Enough about that, why would I do something as easily accessible as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Because I can’t stand it out of a bottle!!!! Sierra Nevada (SN) has been one of my favorite breweries for a long long time, but I have never liked the pale ale. But, since it now comes in a can I drink it all the time, especially when camping.

Out of the bottle it is dry and boring. The taste of the chinook hops come out, but I am not a fan of chinook hop. What I like about the can is the brightness of the beer, the carbonation takes on a whole new element and adds a great mouthfeel to the beer. I also think the cans are great things as well.

We’ve done a lot of blind tasting between cans and bottles here at the Co-op and have found that the cans always taste better. The final verdict why…the carbonation in them is different and better than in a bottle. Anyways, go do a blind tasting for yourself and you’ll be tempted to the can side.




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