firestone walker


It is now here come and get it!!!!  Tasting notes later on!!!



Tuesday Tasting

xmas nyc

Christmas Eve in a New York City hotel room…now doesn’t that conjure up a million images! The first one for me was “The Pogues,” for writing one of the greatest Christmas songs. The second is Charles Bukowski. Next, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and then the movie “The Wolf of Wall St.” I think that is the title, I never did see it, but I don’t like movies so I never will. Nor will I ever go to NYC because there are too many people.  Heck, Bellingham is too big for me!

All these images captured in a single bottle; I wonder how the bottle feels? Is it a weeping, baggage-ridden, bipolar nightmare? Or, is it a happy-go-lucky, slide-through-the-night-with-a-smile kind of bottle. Then there is the beer inside, what excitement chimes from the spout? Am I going to cringe when some crazy aromatics hit my olfactory system and wanna run to the porcelain god, or be a little beaver and chew my way through it? The suspense is killing me!

How’d you like that digression? Well, the beer… Awesome!! Everything you would like in an imperial stout. Beautiful blackness, smooth body. Carbonation perfect. Roasty, caramel, dark fruit, and well-balanced. Downed it really fast, crazy. I wish it was a 750ml bottle so I could taste it as it warmed up. A 355ml bottle went down lickity-split. Buy four– two to drink now and two to age, but you don’t need to age.

I got all Tom Robbins on the label and it was worth it. I think I thought longer about the label than it took me to drink the beer. That is OK with me. I’ll get another! Then I will sit next to a fire, open “Tibetan Peach Pie,” and sip!


Tuesday Tasting on a Saturday


Yes it is me again!  I am glad to be back with a tasting note on a Saturday.  I will try to get back to Tuesdays but it has been so long and getting into routine again has been hard.  Here I am though!!

Judging by the picture I think you can figure out what I am writing about and I liked it!  As with most stouts the aromatics are nice and roasty.  Kind of nutty with a touch of breadiness coming out.  Love at first bite I say about this one.  French roast coffee on steroids at first sip.  Great rich body with a bit of bakers chocolate for a nice better bite on the side of the tongue.  finishing with a touch hazelnut flavor and some sweetness in mid palate.    The mouthfeel was awesome.  Nice creaminess with a touch of earthiness.  It was a nice beer to drink on a foul weather day.

I’m back



local beer

Another local beer is now available at the Co-op!  Aslan Brewing, downtown Bellingham, is now retailing 32 oz. growlers. Currently available at both Co-op locations. Ginger rye and IPA.

Also, we still have Kulshan in growlers, and tomorrow we will have Kulshan Bastard Kat IPA in 6 pack cans.  CHEERS TO LOCAL!

New from Boundary Bay

New at the Co-op this week: Boundary Bay six pack cans. Boundary Bay, Bellingham’s original brewery/brewpub, is canning their Ski To Sea ESB. To give this beer a Northwest punch, Boundary dry hops this extra special bitter. Put one of these in your pocket and enjoy the race. Cheers to Boundary Bay